Victoria Marshman’s Culture Blog

Tory Marshman

Victoria Marshman began building model airplanes when she was 8 years old. She had just moved to San Francisco, CA, and was in the process of making new friends. She spent a lot of time with her parents, and seeing as her passion for photography was more of an independent activity, her dad was determined to find a fun, creative activity that he and Victoria could enjoy together. Victoria’s dad took note of Victoria’s knack for building and design, and thought that building model airplanes for sport and display would be a nice project for the two to take on together.

The first project Victoria Marshman and her dad worked on was an SPAD R.C. aircraft, which is generally an easier model to build. It took Victoria and her father almost a month to build the entire thing, but it turned out to be one of the most rewarding processes for the both of them.

Victoria Marshman has certainly evolved since her first model, and now enjoys building only accurate, to-scale replicas of existing aircrafts. Some of the models she builds take thousands of hours to complete, and she proudly displays all of her projects in her home.

It is tradition for Victoria Marshman and her dad to work on a project together every year. They get together and work for countless hours during the holidays to complete their annual project by the New Year. Victoria has graciously allowed her father to keep these completed projects in his house.